Don't Brush off What You See is an experimental action as an exhibition about the energy issue of today. As the world is shaken by the nuclear crisis in Fukushima, artists join the dialectic social conversation to explore the possible strategies in dealing with energy, crisis and the status quo of existence. Their concurrent responses, reflections and imagination shall initiate different ways of looking and understanding of our shared reality.

Chang Li-Ren, Chiang Yang-Hui+Tsai Yu-Hsuan+Chen Chao-Ru, Fang Yen-Hsiang+Lo Shih-Tung+Xu Chiang-Yu, Huang Po-Chih, Liu Chi-Yi, No Nuke Action, Plum Tree Creek Environmental Art Action Team, Tu Pei-Shih, Wu Chi-Yu, We Create Power

Esther Lu



No.6 Ln61,Zinqiang St. Beitou Dist. Taipei



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