2015.04.11-04.12 - Tracing My Echo : 追循迴聲


2015.04.11 3:00PM - 酒會 / Party


我們跟隨著一些痕跡經驗這世界,我們透過行動產生迴響這樣的經驗來記住我們的進程. "追循迴聲“作為一個策展概念以試圖重新評估過去,現在和將來的順序關係,邀請藝術家與觀眾創造一個從跨越宇宙存在的本質屬性,到介入我們私密的日常環境與常規的新路徑.這個展覽藉著旅行和發展,為每個不同的目的地創造一個不斷變化的經驗,因而總是反映著它與其延續路線的關係。台北是在這個旅程中的第三站。 就一般所知,展覽畫冊的目的是一種紀錄,在“追循迴聲“計畫中它則是作為對展覽空間談判以及擴大空間認知靈活性的再現與再確認。 策展人/Froso Papadimitriou


We experience the world following traces; we pave this experience with echoes of our actions; by remembering we progress.’ Tracing my echo as a concept attempts to reassess the sequence and correlation between the past, present and future, inviting artists and audience to create paths for discussion and exchange of ideas that explore these sequences and relations, which can span from the exploration of cosmic existence to instants in our intimate daily environment and routine. The exhibition travels and evolves, creating an ever-changing experience for each different destination, while always reflecting its continuous line of reference. Taipei is the third stop in this journey. The book that accompanies the exhibition, widely known as means of recording and registration, in the Tracing my Echo project is presented and re-identified as an exhibition space negotiating and expanding the flexibility of spatial understanding. Curated by Froso Papadimitriou Collaborative Art and One Year Gallery collaboration



pd, Ting-Ting Cheng, Eleanor Havsteen-Franklin, 黄蘭雅, Hulya Kupcuoglu, Cecilia Mandrile, 周孟樺, Eimearjean McCormack, Taisei Otsuka, Froso Papadimitriou, Rodrigo Pires, Petros Sianos, 鈴木貴彥, 津波ひろみ,Santiago Bartivas, Rafal Bizunowicz, Jonathan Bradbury, Peter Crack, Vassilis Gogtzilas, Maria Iskioupi, Chris Ivory, Sanna Jarl-Hansson, Sara Karin Fisher, Antonis Konstantinidis, Andy McCafferty, Yumiko Maho Nakajima











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